Break These 6 Bad Habits And Be More Productive

We all have bad habits and many of these lead to bad productivity. Hopefully, this article will highlight some habits that you didn’t even know were hurting your productivity.


This is the biggest culprit when it comes to productivity. Starting new tasks without finishing others is a sure-fire way to end up with multiple tasks unfinished. Concentrate on the most important task until it is finished then move on to the next.

Checking your email repeatedly

Do you constantly check your email? How many times a day do you check it? You need to stop checking your email. Create a few (no more than six) 5-minute timeslots throughout your day that you can check your email in. This will leave you with sections throughout the day that you can focus on doing your work instead of reading emails or hitting the refresh button.

Reading the news

Much like your email, if you’re constantly checking the news you’re not going to get anything done. Set up a few RSS feeds within an RSS reader such as NetVibes and read the news once a day.

Having an untidy desk

You may think you know where everything is on your desk but this kind of mess will impact your ability to efficiently work. Get folders that you can label and organise your files.

Eating an unhealthy lunch

If you’re constantly eating junk food at lunch you’re going to end up with low energy levels and feeling sluggish in the afternoon. To keep your productivity levels high, you should be eating a healthy lunch that will fuel your body instead of slowing it down.

Constantly on your phone

Much like emails, if you’re constantly checking your phone every time it goes off, this will distract you from your work and reduce your productivity. The solution to this is much like the solution to checking your emails all the time, allocate time slots to checking your phone. If someone rings you can ring them back or they’ll leave a message.

Okay so some of these are quite easy to fix and will help you to streamline your workflow, your time management and reduce the amount of time lost.

Break These 6 Bad Habits And Be More Productive
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