The Biggest UK Christmas Adverts Of 2019

Christmas is the biggest time of the year for advertising with most advertising campaigns costing millions. Last year, John Lewis was said to have spent about £8m on its ad featuring Elton John playing his hit Your Song.

These adverts focus on a brand lead story that doesn’t focus on selling at all. Yet, John Lewis says: “our ads always deliver an excellent return on investment at a time of year that is critical for us, generally delivering 20 times the return on our original spend.”

This year I’m not that impressed by the John Lewis advert, it did bring together the John Lewis and Waitrose partnership quite well but the only thing I think it will drive is merchandising sales for their dragon character.

Aldi has brought a new take on their popular Kevin the carrot character which has been my favourite advert this season. It focuses on building great brand awareness and emotional response whilst also getting in a subtle sales message.

In this article, I’ve collated the biggest UK Christmas adverts of 2019, which are your favourites?


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The Biggest UK Christmas Adverts Of 2019
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