5 Google Analytics Dashboards You Absolutely Need

Google Analytics Dashboards are a great way of adding a way to quickly see a group of different pieces of information that might not be together otherwise.

I’m using them as a great way to allow developers to come in to the Google Analytics account and see everything they need to without all the extra bumpf and without much knowledge of Google Analytics.

When you go in to your Google Analytics account and go to Dashboards on the left-hand menu you’ll get an option to create a new dashboard or import one from the Gallery.

The Gallery is a place where you can import dashboards built by others in to your own Google Analytics account. In this article, I’ll highlight the 5 different Google Analytics Dashboards I use.

Content Analysis Dashboard

This dashboard is great if you’ve got a content-heavy website or you bring in a lot of traffic from content. Its description is as follows: ” This Content Analysis Dashboard is all about analysing and providing insightful data that will help you evaluate the efficiency of the content in your website. Based on these widgets you will be able to see which one of the pages are underperforming/overperforming and adjust your content strategy according to your needs.”

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SEO Dashboard – Finding Top Content and Keywords

If you’re downloading the previous dashboard then you should get this to go along with it. It’s great for content analysis, finding out where your traffic is coming from and figuring out what’s your best converting landing pages. Its description is as follows: “Dashboard view of top landing pages by goal completions. Also see top long tail keywords with conversion and bounce rate for future content marketing ideas.”

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Ecommerce Dashboard

This is the dashboard that you need to import if you’re doing anything with ecommerce. It shows some great stats like average order value, conversion rate, the top 10 products by revenue and many others all in one place. Its description is as follows: “Quickly understand your ecommerce performance across various dimensions such as source, mobile and product.”

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Responsive Design, Mobile Phone and Tablet Dashboard

In today’s responsive world we need to be thinking mobile-first and the first step of that is understanding the data. This dashboard allows you to see every key piece of data about your mobile users that you’ll need. Including screen resolutions, device info, traffic source and goal completions. Its description is as follows: “When set up, you’ll see three columns:

1) Pretty much “Where from”: Essentially where did my mobile users come from and what did they see.
2) On what: Which device and resolution did they have. Details about their tech.
3) Goals and Events: mobile performance in a nutshell.

Instead of visits being used, sometimes a bounce rate is shown to better show areas of improvement.”

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5 Google Analytics Dashboards You Absolutely Need
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