Useful Ways To Improve Customer Acquisition Numbers

It’s normal for your ecommerce site to look like it’s “leaking”. What I mean by this, is that overtime, your site may lose customers and sales. This is because there is a huge number of customers who pay visits to site, will often start putting a basket together, and then leave without taking the next step or the final step in the process.

Social Media Today says that 96% of site visitors leave a website before converting, and almost 50% of users will visit a website between 2 and 4 times before converting. In fact, users will only stick around for between 10 and 20 seconds before leaving. That window that you have to convert a user into a conversion is getting quite slim.

This is why you should be looking at something called retargeting in ecommerce.

What is it?

Also known as remarketing, retargeting will help you to keep your brand in view of the user during and after their visit to your site. It’s a small piece of code on your site that nobody will notice unless they go looking for it. What this code does is drop what’s called a cookie on their PC, and when they head back to the site, the cookie is activated and lets your site know that you should be retargeting this customer because they’ve already visited your site before.

How Does it Work?

Think of it as if you were to walk into any normal shop, and showed particular interest around a product or group of products. You look around, have a browse and then leave. The next time, as soon as you walk through the door, those products pop up in front of you and perhaps you have a little discount applied to the listed price.

How Does it Help?

The reason that this is helpful to you, is because you now know that this user has demonstrated an active interest in your product, and you can use that information to better their experience. Not only can you ensure that this particular customer converts, and the sale is made, but it also gives the customer a fantastic experience from start to finish and could potential give you a customer for life.

Some Helpful Tips for Making On-Site Retargeting Useful

Customers will generally interact with a brand in similar ways and Quicksprout puts it perfectly.


This is the first step where the customer become aware of your brand through the likes of PR and advertising. This is just when the first glimpse of the site or product come to mind.


By a form of confirmation bias or perhaps word of mouth, users will start hearing about a brand from more trusted sources. We’re all pretty good at reading between the lines, but when a trusted friend talks about something, you listen.


The user will make the purchase at the store or through the website after some time.


By maintaining an active community forum or Facebook group, or even repeat FAQ or information, businesses can maintain the close relationship with the client.


From there, those clients will talk about it to other people, share blogs and promotions and talk positively about the product or service.

While this is obviously not an exact science, it’s pretty straight forward and easy to understand. It’s important to realise that in general, similar people will have similar interests. Imagine having an extremely detailed database of customer information, information about clients, leads and prospects.

Don’t Ask Too Much of Your Customers

It’s vital that you aren’t overbearing towards your customers. If people feel like they are being smothered, they’ll just disappear. Give them easy options to choose, ask them to check out your blog or sign up for a newsletter. Once that trust has been created, you can then start retargeting the customer by offering them discounts or free shipping. Allow them to take advantage of your goodwill, and in turn, they will become a customer.

Sites Need to Make Sense

Trying to funnel clients a specific way is uncomfortable and unnatural. All roads lead to Rome, with Rome being your end goal. Customers will find their way as long as your website makes logical sense. Don’t ask them to checkout immediately as soon as they’ve found a product they like.

CTAs Can Work

A CTA is a call to action. These are things that help people out when they are looking at a product or service. If they seem to be hovering on some kind of service, something like “See Demo Now” could be a good CTA that will get them to interact and ultimately, convert.

The same is true of someone looking at a product, while saying “Buy Now!” might be a little overbearing, if it’s well-placed and well timed, then it can be an effective tool to make a conversion.

Ultimately, no matter what you do when trying to increase customer acquisition, you’re never there to fool your customers into doing something they want to do. You’re giving them the best options for them to make their own decisions that they find comfort in doing.

Useful Ways To Improve Customer Acquisition Numbers
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