Ad Industry Leader Launches Web Series Documenting Seven Agency Owners

Digital Distillery announces the launch of Pay The Invoice, a 9-part web series following seven budding ad agency owners as they grow their businesses.

Female Disruptor and Entrepreneur Catherine Howell announces the launch of Pay the Invoice, a web-based documentary premiering @DigitalDistillery’s social channels. The online docu-series follows seven ad agency owners/freelancers on an 8-week journey as they experience the trials and tribulations of scaling up a business.

The ASK: What happens when female entrepreneur Catherine Howell decides to invite seven freelancers and agency owners from around the world to her multi-million dollar New Zealand agency? The GIVE – work one-on-one with Howell while documenting Pay The Invoice, a reality-style documentary showcasing how to scale and grow and ad agency business.

Who is Cat Howell?

Howell has made her global mark as a Facebook ad expert and social agency owner. She has a team of 17 full-time staff and has generated $14 million in sales since 2017. Now she’s showing other agency entrepreneurs and freelancers how to scale using her tried and true systems, procedures and best practices.

Her personality type is a mixture of a driver, implementer, and visionary.

“When I have an idea and it stews inside of me, I have to give birth and get it out,” Howell said when asked how she came up with the Pay The Invoice concept and process.

She’s raw, real, authentic and is not afraid to show her true-self through transparent success, frequent f-bombs and admitted failures along the way as seen throughout the 9-part docuseries.

“Perseverance and action are the key ingredients the participants will need to bring to the table. I’ll try to help them as much as possible but if they don’t commit, it’ll be for nothing,” says Howell.

Why Pay The Invoice?

Pay the invoice, the famous words agency owners dread and live by – the struggle is real and Howell offers up crash courses, training, masterminds, and Facebook Groups.

“We went on a whim about a year ago to set in motion a web series for the industry we worked in,” said Howell, “It was so isolating for me getting started out in business, and the stuff you see in the media about entrepreneurs doesn’t usually look into how challenges and frustrations play out in the context of working with clients and how this is actually so normal!”

Why a Docu-series?

It was an experiment in many ways to bring a group of agency owners together and If you are an agency owner or freelancer, the words “pay the invoice” are on mental autopilot and can be either invigorating, infuriating or even crippling.

Launching Pay the Invoice has changed the way we as a business are choosing to connect with our audience and an opportunity to create catalysts in thousands of freelancers and agency owners.

Howell’s Funnels of Love

She owns Eight Loop Social, a Facebook ad agency dedicated to showing brands how to get leads using funnels, In addition,  Howell’s latest venture is Digital Distillery, a brand dedicated to showing other agencies and freelancers how to commend top dollar building Facebook funnels of love while also creating the entertaining and educational documentary Pay The Invoice.”

Ad Industry Leader Launches Web Series Documenting Seven Agency Owners
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