Bitcoin Hyper Launches the World’s Fastest Bitcoin, a Cryptocurrency for Real World Use

Bitcoin Hyper (“BHY”), an innovative new cryptocurrency that provides consumers with the ability to conduct every day transactions with unprecedented speed, launched today on, a virtual exchange.

Bitcoin Hyper – The World’s Fastest Bitcoin

Bitcoin Hyper is a speed enhanced version of Bitcoin. It is digital money for the digital age. Whether a consumer is buying something online, at a store or sending money around the world, Bitcoin Hyper overcomes the processing delays of eight to seventy minutes, which is typical other tokens. These extended processing times make the use of other coins impractical for daily use.

The typical processing time for a Bitcoin Hyper transaction is two seconds, a speed that equals or exceeds credit card transaction time, making Bitcoin Hyper practical for everyday use by merchants and consumers. The Bitcoin Hyper algorithm and infrastructure breaks barriers and speed limits that have prevented other virtual currencies from achieving practical, real time use. 

“We have implemented a high performance, global network with facilities in Singapore, London, Frankfurt, California, Nevada and Florida for the specific purpose of processing Bitcoin Hyper faster than current processing times,” said Bitcoin Hyper Community Member Mike Estrada. “Our network is purpose built and it employs cutting edge logic and data processing to ensure world class speed, throughput and reliability for our global infrastructure.”

Estrada noted that, “However Bitcoin Hyper is used, people can rest assured that their virtual currency employs state of the art digital encryption, while keeping all transactions verifiable and transparent to everyone.”

“Our core mission is to carry on the “world community” aspect of the original Bitcoin project. To that end, we are actively integrating Bitcoin Hyper into the existing merchant processing networks for a true native and seamless solution,” added Estrada.

Bitcoin Hyper Launches the World’s Fastest Bitcoin, a Cryptocurrency for Real World Use
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